Vision...Mission... Commitment


We envisage sock are more than just footwear: They are fashionable wear, they are part of our feet and they should occupy part of our life.

In SEMLOUIS, we strive to excel in marketing of socks and its accessories that we redefined in term of 6Fs at reasonable price.

  • Fashionable,
  • Fantastic look,
  • Fit,
  • Fabrics,
  • Functions, and
  • Feel (Comfortable)


We aims to use modern technology in all operations related with production of socks, always prioritize "Human" factor, 
give importance to product, system and quality in line with effective working principle and please our customers, 
suppliers and personnel.

The best people combined with the best facilities manufacture the best products. we are committed to provide our valued 
customers with the best quality socks. We are not the largest, nor do we want to be, we are large enough to appreciate our 
professionalism and dedications, but nimble enough to assure quality and unsurpassed customer service.

In spearheading the vision and mission, we shall commit to achieve the following:

  • Review the trend and end consumers’ needs and demand quarterly by improve on logistics and 
  • Enhance the employees sensitivity in market and external environments with monthly fashion briefing.
  • Enhance in staff training for them to serve the ever demanding and knowledgeable consumers in all sectors.